Self-employed individuals need to provide for their future financial well-being. This is especially true while their business prospers. It is most important, therefore, to maximise personal net worth when the opportunity arises, whilst simultaneously developing your business. We can provide expert advice to help ensure that this is the case in:

  • Advising on appropriate tax-break opportunities to reduce exposure to Income Tax and other taxes.
  • Tax-efficient extraction of funds from your business for your personal use
  • Advising on a judicious spread of personal investments to balance the returns desired with your attitude to risk
  • Arranging personal finance on the best terms available
  • Arranging advice on pensions

  • Advising on the provision of protection for your dependants and yourself, by way of life assurance, permanent health insurance and serious illness cover
  • Retirement and succession planning, including the tax-efficient disposal of your business, to minimise your exposure to CGT and that of your dependants to CAT
  • Arranging advice on investment of lump-sums in Approved Retirement Funds (ARF’s) and other suitable investment vehicles

  • Arranging advice on setting up of Small Self-Administered Pensions (SSAP’s) for investment in pensions, outside an insurance company scheme, to achieve greater personal control over the investment of your funds and transparency in relation to charges.

  • Personal control over the investment of your funds and transparency in relation to charges.

Where appropriate, we may engage the services of other professionals with whom we have a long-standing business relationship in the provision of some of the above services, e.g. tax consultants, pensioneer trustees, life and pensions broker.

We use the services of an associated company, D. Murnane & Associates Limited, in advising on and setting up life, pension, and investment products; this company is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.